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  1. No NaNo '18 For Me
    20 Nov, 2018
    No NaNo '18 For Me
    November is usually NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where people all around the world join electronically to cheer each other on in reaching 50K words written over the month. It’s a fun way to prove to yourself that you too could write a book, to motivate yourself to get the writing project finished or started or to find new writer friends. November 2014 was the first year I participated, and I haven’t stopped writing since. I’ve written posts about it in the past that you can find
  2. 15 Apr, 2018
    Pride: The Double-Edged Scalpel
    As a physician assistant, I've been there a million times. The phone call comes but the calling physician won’t speak to an Advanced Provider, only another physician. I usually bristle. I used to bristle more. When it happened yesterday I didn’t bristle at all. Why? Because I’ve never worked with that radiologist and my patient was actively dying, her results were serious and complicated, and the radiologist wanted the best care for the patient. I did too. We all did. I’m good at what I do
  3. 10 Things I learned: Starting My Blog
    20 May, 2016
    10 Things I learned: Starting My Blog
    10 Things I learned: Starting a Blog      I am what you may call a jack of many trades, but master of none.  I have a career in which I do well, but it doesn’t translate well to blog sharing.  Besides, there are many others far more qualified to blog about emergency medicine than I.  What I am qualified to blog about, are my own experiences and the lessons they taught me.       So whether you read this for enjoyment, or to grab information for a supporting character, please feel free to ask
  4. Guest Blogs: One Provider's Professional Journey & 6 Reasons You Need a Primary Care Provider
    28 Apr, 2016
    Guest Blogs: One Provider's Professional Journey & 6 Reasons You Need a Primary Care Provider
    I was recently lucky enough to be able to guest blog at the two sites listed below.  One Provider's Professional Journey through the Acute Care Continuum 4/26/2016 7:12:16 PM | 9 comments By: Rachel Berros, PA-C We often discuss patients’ experiences through the Acute Care Continuum. Achieving seamless transitions from setting to setting is both a marker of quality and a patient satisfier.   Much less has been written about the journey of providers whose careers take them through a variety of
  5. Why I've Decided NOT to Blog as a Writer
    18 Mar, 2016
    Why I've Decided NOT to Blog as a Writer
    After a lot of time, research, and consideration, I have decided not to blog as a writer.  As any professional would, I want to do everything I can to grow my business.  However, blogging about writing does not fit the bill, at least for now. Let me tell you why. There are several types of author blogs out there.  Each has merit and can work for the correct blogger.  But each also has limitations.  Type 1: The How-to-Write Blog Writing professionals, or those with extensive education