Rachel Berros
Writer - Among other things
When painting my life portrait, I try to color as close to the lines as possible without going over.  

Rachel has worked in seven states, four countries, and multiple fields. Now she's nestled in the Pocono Mountains with her husband, three kids, and one cat. In college, she earned spare change as a whitewater raft/kayak instructor and coffeehouse singer/songwriter. While she thought of getting a music degree, playing the piano in the basement was a lot easier than doing surgery. So, she went to medical school and became an emergency physician assistant. 
While that occupation provides endless novel and character ideas, she delves into the “less stressful” world of books every chance she gets. When she’s not saving lives, plotting fictional deaths, or diving into other worlds, she escapes with her family to the great outdoors—but who’s she kidding, she’s always plotting something.

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